Due to current geo-political atmosphere, SecureSocial.net is no longer available to new customers

SecureSocial.net is the social network in the cloud created from the ground-up to focus on security and privacy for its users.

SecureSocial offers a cloud based platform and end-user applications for free exchange of messages and documents in the environment where no one, including service operators, has access to the content of messages being sent.

SecureSocial is built on proven, mature third-party cryptographic libraries and concepts such as public key cryptography. At no time during normal operation, end user of SecureSocial loses control of her or his private key, the key remains encrypted and may never be transmitted to or stored on our servers unprotected.

SecureSocial is also very powerful global identity platform. Identities, represented by a public key and a unique ID, are used by SecureSocial applications and third parties via an API to securely identify users.

Our philosophy

These days, running a business on the Internet means collecting tons of information about your customer. In fact, this information became the most paid-for product by itself. This is especially true for social networks. Multibillion dollar industry is now dedicated to luring people into disclosing information about their lives, harvesting this information and selling it to the highest bidder.

People are willing to pay this price for two main reasons:

  • Most are not aware of the cost of participating in modern Internet activities
  • Internet and social networks offer tremendous opportunities to connect and share.

    You don't have to be a product to enjoy social-network experience.

    SecureSocial.net offers tools to securely communicate with other users without disclosing too much to anyone, including SecureSocial.net operators.

    Please note - we do not track your every move and every word and we do not dig thru your personal data to mine it for ads. It costs huge amounts of money to launch and operate scalable Internet-wide service like this. SecureSocial will make a best-effort attempt to deliver free messages. However, for best experience, consider buying SecureSocial tokens and using them on your device. This service is supported only by payments from people buying tokens.