SecureSocial App

Due to current geo-political atmosphere, is no longer available to new customers

SecureSocial app allows you to manage your identity, view and search your timeline, send messages to others (including photos or any other documents from your device), maintain lists of users and groups.

Getting started with the App

Identity management

Use Identity screen to manage your SecureSocial identity.

identity screen

Create new identity

Export identity to the cloud or import previously exported identity

Delete identity

Change passphrase of your private key

Set Payment Token to use

Buy a Payment Token

Set publicly-visible name that is searchable by other users

Send email or other message to invite other people to

Display your (encrypted) private key or your public key

Use your own PGP/GPG keys with SecureSocial (so you don't have to trust SecureSocial network)

SecureSocial Timeline

Timeline screen shows your SecureSocial timeline - the messages you sent or received.

timeline screen

Timeline is instantly searchable and filterable - by date, by sender, by attachment, by full-text of the message.

Individual messages can be viewed and attachments can be imported to your device.

SecureSocial Message

Send message with text or file attachment to individual users or groups of users

post screen

Select recipients of your message - individual users from your list or groups of users you can define

Type your message, as short or as long as you want

Attach picture, video or any file accessible on your device

App will encrypt the message with public keys of the recipients and send it

SecureSocial Users

User screen allows you find and maintain list of other people using SecureSocial that you want to communicate with.

user screen

Find other users - by their ID or by their publicly-visible name

See Strangers - people who sent you messages but who you have not accepted yet into your circle

Block annoying users so you won't be bothered by their messages

Send new message to selected user

NOTE: SecureSocial App does not include or distribute any custom encryption software. It uses facilities already available on the Android platform.