Account Privacy

Due to current geo-political atmosphere, is no longer available to new customers account is uniquely defined by private and public keys associated with your SecureSocial identity. At no time our website or service have access to unprotected copy of your private key. The security of your account is as good as the password you use. The SecureSocial application on the device will briefly hold copy of your private key in memory to use it for signing and decrypting of your messages.

Cookies website and service do NOT use browser cookies or flash cookies to track users.

Web Analytics website and service do NOT use Web Analytics such as Google Analytics to track and trend visitors.

Log Records website and service will delete routine log files created due to normal activity of users within 48 hours. These log files may be used for troubleshooting purposes within that time. may retain high level aggregate information about web site activity (such as number of daily visitors per country of origin or similar numbers).

Payment Privacy service uses third party payment provider to process user payments. We do NOT keep track of who purchase our tokens and at no time we store your personally identifiable information. We do NOT keep track of who used particular token or when it was used.

Application Privacy Android app is just as secure as anything else you can install on your device. Please be aware that a determined attacker with physical access to your device will be able eventually to read your SecureSocial messages. It is difficult but it is not impossible. Your attachments remain secure unless your password becomes known to the attacker. The attachments stop being protected by the application when they are "imported" into your device and become just as secure (or insecure) as regular files on your device.

SecureSocial App will report application crashes and "exceptions" to us. This roughly corresponds to the (unfrequent) situations when "unexpected error" message is displayed to user. The reported information includes place in the application code where problem occurred and version of the Android operating system.

Cooperation with law enforcement

SecureSocial service will cooperate with legal requests from law enforcement officials. SecureSocial does not have access to private keys of its users and therefore cannot access properly encrypted messages sent over its network.